Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as either, “the Company”, “We”, “Us” or “Our”) collects a range of personal information and user statistics as marketing resources via user confirmation, payments, shipping, and analysis to provide a high quality customer service.

1. Collect Items and Purposes

① Name, ID, password, resident registration number(I-Pin number, gender, date of birth): To confirm the user’s identity for the provision of membership services
② Email address, phone number: To provide better communication for resolution of dissatisfaction, and information about new services, news, and various events
③ Bank accounts, credit cards, mobile phone number, or other financial-related information: To process user’s order including paid contents and products
④ Home address: To send free gifts or your purchases
⑤ Favorite artists, genres: To provide personalized individual service
⑥ Receiving Email/SMS: To ask user’s agreement on receiving emails or SMS that provide information about services, events, promotions, and news.

2. What We Collect

- Required information
Resident registration number, ID, password, address, phone number, email address, date of birth etc. (i-Pin may be used for registration.)
- Optional information
Anniversaries, areas of interest, and favorite brands to provide personalized service
- Information about service history and individual preferences
Service history, access log, cookies, billing history, unsubscription history

3. How We Collect

- Homepage registration, paper form, call service, free gift events, shipping and delivery
- Offered by third-party service providers
- Log analysis program
- Using “cookie”

Purpose for collecting personal information

The Company uses customers’ personal information for the following purposes:

1. Implementation of terms and condition of service and provision of information on service fees

Fees on contents, shipping, identity authorization during billing process, purchases on paid products and payment process

2. Membership Service

Real-name authorization for membership service, personal identification, prevention of fraudulent and unauthorized use, confirmation on an individual’s intention to register or subscribe to a service, confirmation of re-subscription, limitations on repeat registration, confirmation of the existence of a legal representative of users younger than 14 when collecting their personal information, compliant and dispute resolution, sending notification

3. Marketing and Advertising purposes

Providing service and advertising information due to demographic data, statistics on the frequency of service, providing events for new services

Period of Use of Personal Information

1. Destruction of Personal Infomation

① Membership registration information: Upon voluntary cancellation or dismissal of membership. (The company will retain the information up to 14 days after withdrawal to carry out relevant works. The information will be deleted permanently.)
② Information collected for billing process such as bank account: Upon the completion of the relevant billing process
③ Information collected for surveys or events including address or other shipping infromation: Upon the completion of the relevant survey or event
However, when the purposes of the collection of personal information have been accomplished, if it is necessary to retain such information, the Company will retained the information for various purposes in accordance with related laws and regulations.
① For the information is needed in accordance with related laws and regulations
② Providing prior notification with proper procedure
③ With an agreement of individual member
④ To provide additional customer service or to prevent additional inconvenience for members (Up to 30 days)

2. Destruction Methods

① Personal information printed on paper shall be shredded.
② Personal information in the form of electronic files shall be deleted using a specific technical method in an irreversible way.