The company may share your personal information with third parties to provide better services. According to related laws, we will ensure that they have adequate security measures in place and comply with our policies in respect of your personal information. Followings are the providers and their services.

Payment System Service : To process payments (Providers - Payletter / CJ Systems / CGV / Galaxia Communications / TMONET)

Customer Service Center : To improve effectiveness of customer service (Provider - CJ Telenix)

Comfirmation of Identity : To confirm your personal information (Providers - Korea Information Service Inc. / Seoul Credit Rating & Information Inc)

Event Service : To provide free gift events and shipping (Provider - Cube Ad)

Shipping Service - To provide shipping services following various events (Provider - TNC International)

CP Service - To provide various contents including movies, mobile ringtones, wallpapers (Providers - Cinero / CY M / SUREM / Danal)

To provide event notice and giftcon SMS/MMS sending service (Provider - CJ Systems)

To provide CJ Membership Service (Provider - CJ CGV)